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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

As Lions and Lambs Together

Let us, as the green eyeshade types would put it, take inventory. Sentences both run-on and nonsensical. Applause for forced sodomization. Not in the running in the make-them-forget- George-Carlin derby. The Iraqi nation as secular until Uncle Sam came along. On the sauce. A failure to grasp the horrible actions of the NKVD, oops, the U.S. military prison personnel. A failure to spell "publically" correctly. Mr. or Dr?: Only his hairdresser knows for sure. Did I miss anything?

So much calumny; so little time. That was not a run-on sentence, however long, but rather a common literary technique, and we at the Reform Club expect our clientele to display the same high standards in reading that we offer in writing. The musing about Saddam's transformation into Maddam reflects no endorsement of prison rape on my part---is it too much to expect readers to be serious rather than steeped in the asinine dogmas of political correctitude---but instead would be poetic justice given what Saddam's henchmen used to do to his prisoners. Or have the memories of the saintly Uday and Qusay evaporated quite so quickly? I will leave George Carlin to fend for himself. Lest our esteemed readers forget, Saddam inserted a Koranic saying onto the Iraqi flag only a few years ago in an effort to ingratiate himself with the Wahhabi purists. Or perhaps Saddam merely was revealing himself as deeply spiritual. The U.S. military prison guards as torturers? Oh, please; anyone who believes that is a fool who knows nothing about torture. (Hint: Discomfort, embarrassment, and cultural insensitivity do not qualify.) By the way the Abu Ghraib photos were released during the course of a U.S. Army investigation, begun well before the issue hit the NY Times. "Publically" or "publicly"? Zycher's hairdresser knows that one for sure, and she's from Iran. A fabulous economist? Is there such a creature? Well, in the brave new world of embryonic cloning, anything is possible. Which is precisely the problem.

And now, my fellow Americans, back to work.


Tlaloc said...

"The U.S. military prison guards as torturers? Oh, please; anyone who believes that is a fool who knows nothing about torture. (Hint: Discomfort, embarrassment, and cultural insensitivity do not qualify.)"

You still refuse to acknowledge that people were TORTURED TO DEATH. Does that help it sink in at all? This isn't cultural sensitivity or letting off steam. This is abuse of helpless prisoners (many of whom have turned out to be guilty of only living in the wrong country) sometimes to the point where they have died from the treatment. Do you get it now?

Tlaloc said...

or as Andrew Sullivan put it:

"It has gone chronologically something like this: "It's not true. It's not true. It may be true but it's not torture. Okay, it's torture, but isn't official policy. It may be true and official policy, but we changed the policy and we uncovered the abuses ourselves. It may be true, it may have been widespread, but we've punished the culprits. It may be true, it may have been widespread, it may still be happening, but all these reports are old news." Well, give these guys points for effort. How about: it is true; it should never have happened; the people responsible for the policy as well as the criminals should be punished. Ah, but that would mean taking responsibility, wouldn't it? And we don't do that in this administration, do we? Even at the expense of hurting the war effort and staining the reputation of countless great soldiers in a noble cause."

James Elliott said...

Tlaloc makes a good point, via Andrew Sullivan.

The ideology of personal responsibility sure seems to indulge in an awful lot of buck-passing.

Evanston said...

The ideology of personal responsibility is conservative. Hence the Abu Ghraib guards were held personally responsible. Buck passing for Islamofascists is your area of expertise, Mr. Elliott, given your past comments on Islam. Hey Tlaloc, do you get it now? Saddam tortured thousands of people to death. Go live in Vietnam, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, Sudan or Zimbabwe with people like yourself, who are truly responsible.