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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Under The Overpass

In my Passover message at The American Spectator, I ponder the fact that so few Jews actually believe that the Exodus occurred as reported in Scripture - although they are willing to celebrate the day for its theme of freedom.

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Bookworm said...

I'm not a religious person -- or rather, I'm not a God believing person, although I believe in religion -- but peculiarly enough, I've always believed in the absolute truth of the Passover story. Thus, while I am unable to believe that God conversed with Moses, caused the ten plagues, hardened Pharoah's heart, and parted the Red Sea, I actually believe that the events described in Exodus really happened. I think they're history, and amazing history at that. I've always been proud of being Jewish, because I've had this profound sense of lineal descent from the people who did that, all those years ago, who came up with those profound ideas, and who clung to them through thick and thin, creating the oldest continuous intellectual and religiously coherent group in history.