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Friday, April 01, 2005

They Call Me MR. Ailes

Great little feature on Fox News pioneer Roger Ailes who did something rather than complain about conservatives being treated poorly by the media. Check it out at CBS MarketWatch.

As usual, I offer a smidgen:

Maybe Ailes' greatest asset is his self-confidence. Like most visionaries, he doesn't seem to give a hoot what skeptics think. That's partly because he doesn't have much patience for critics, especially within his ranks. When a group of people are all working on the same page, it's easy to build loyalty. Once people function as a team, they feel unbeatable and, in turn, it's very hard to beat them.

From what I could see, there isn't a self-deprecating bone in the man's body. If Ailes sounded utterly unapologetic about Fox's unique brand of success -- pandering to the right wing -- it was because, quite clearly, he feels that he has nothing to apologize for.

That Ailes is cleaning CNN's clock -- remember, it was known as the Clinton News Network -- is being viewed as a blow to liberals and left-wing causes everywhere. And make no mistake about it. Nobody is enjoying their discomfort more than Ailes himself.


Tlaloc said...

"That's partly because he doesn't have much patience for critics, especially within his ranks."

Admirably descriptive of the conservatives move toward a total lack of self analysis. Naturally the result is obvious: they become corrupt.

Despite conservative fantasies it's rather easy to show that the main stream media is not at all liberally biased. It's media biased. They show what gets them ratings. If liberals are riding high they'll pander to them. When conservatives are they pander the other way. Watch the total lack of media critique of the president's lamentably stupid run up to the Iraq war if you really don't understand.

Fox however is on another level and most definitely does have a specific ideological bias, a rather loathsome one since it causes them to engage in daily if not hourly outright lies.

A pity you choose to champion them despite their total lack of honesty. WWJW? What Would Jesus Watch?

Hunter Baker said...

Rain god, rain god, I'm afraid it is you who shows an utter lack of perceptiveness. If you have watched any of the last, oh, thirty years of news reporters asking questions of conservatives, you'd have easily noticed that the majority of questions bear an obvious left-wing presupposition.