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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Rather vs. The National Enquirer

Kathryn Lopez interviews the author of a new book taking down Gunga Dan. The catch: He's a top reporter for The National Enquirer (Did anybody think they'd see "top reporter" and "National Enquirer" in the same sentence? You have now.)

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Jay D. Homnick said...

Listeners of the Howard Stern show (I'm not a regular, but I monitor it periodically) will recognize Mike Walker as a very classy guy with a good sense of humor who comes on every Friday. They do a contest where Walker gives four outrageous news items about celebrities and the cast of the show compete to see who can spot the one fake item.

This interview is great, because the guy is totally relaxed. The great thing about working for the Enquirer is that it's liberating; once everyone is committed to looking down at you anyway, you can stop fretting about the impact that this or that remark might have on your reputation.