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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Narnia Movie

The International Herald-Tribune has an interesting story up about the first Narnia film opening on Dec. 9. The story is full of speculation about how Disney and Walden Media will walk the tightrope of presenting Christian allegory to a popular audience that is "extremely sensitive." I think it's a non-issue. Present Narnia as Lewis presented it. Christians will absolutely get it. Those who aren't Christians will generally enjoy it without lingering on the real meaning of the story. Others will be moved and will want to linger. But the whole purpose of allegory is to get the audience's attention to hear a story about something they might ordinarily dismiss. The form of the story is the answer to the concern. Let Lewis be Lewis.


Daniel said...

IHT doesn't think that the only people who read Narnia are Christians, do they? Why in the world would Disney be pouring so much money into a niche film?

mdvoutlook.com said...

Not only do I think this is a non-issue, I think it is rediculous. How many movie makers care about Christians when they make a movie? In fact, if something offends Christians and others with traditional moral values, then Hollywood is all for it. Look at the movies nominated for academy awards this year. Mel Gibson wasn't all that concerned about his audience's sensativities when he made The Passion. He simply had a vision about the movie he wanted to make, made it very well, and marketed it effectively. It did well over half a billion worldwide. Couldn't agree more. Let Lewis be Lewis!