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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Kramer Reality Tour

So this fellow Richard Kramer was handed a judgeship by our society and he has repaid it by declaring void a treasured notion nurtured by millennia, the idea that marriage is something rare and extraordinary, that it was built into Creation as that state which merges perfectly the human qualities of male and female.

He notes in passing that this idea had become a tradition but need not be indulged on that basis, the very argument that my late mother advanced to discourage me from picking my nose.

Who bred this class of the morally blinkered? They not only throw out the baby, they love covering themselves in the bathwater.

This Kramer calls himself, comically, a Catholic, yet he, like most of the Men In Black, believes in being cheeky at every turn.

He claims too the appellation of Republican, yet he abdicates the sacred role of lore enforcement.

He has dealt a blow to our matrimony; he has dealt a blow to our patrimony.

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