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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Hitchens A'right In Iraq

The world's sanest liberal, Christopher Hitchens, claims to have part-Jewish heritage, which would offer an interesting theory into why he is consistently right part of the time. Just kidding, of course, but the fact is that he has been the most solid reporter - and opiner - on the Iraq situation since well before the... er, end of major hostilities.

He has wisely distinguished between the War On Terrorism and issues that should elicit compassion as a primary response. Here is his must-read analysis of the New York Times giving the Iraq centrifuge story all the spin that's unfit to imprint.

Yes, irrespective of his periodic lapses into cardiac exsanguination, Hitchens is a fellow not to be ignored. My eternal gratitude is his for revealing in a 1996 American Enterprise interview the secret of Bill Clinton's "I did not inhale" statement. Hitchens, who was in Clinton's clique at Oxford, explained that Bill had trouble inhaling the smoke of marijuana cigarettes, so he preferred to ingest that narcotic through the medium of the brownie. Indeed, Chris noted, Bill's appetite for those brownies was voracious. (Perhaps he recalled pliable Brownies of his youth.)

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