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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Chili Fingers

Apparently a diner at a Wendy's in San Jose purchased some of their chili made famous by the amazing ignorance of the ineffable Teresa Heinz-Kerry during the recent presidential campaign. This particular bowl sadly contained a special surprise, to wit, a human finger, which the hapless patron proceeded to bite and spit out. No word as yet from our honored pundits as to precisely which finger was involved, but we will allow the lawyers to sort out this saga. For me, however---forgive me, but I am weird---the larger philosophical question is quite different: Would the fair Teresa have recognized the alluring photo of the chili at that Wendy's along the Kerry campaign trail had a finger been included, preferably standing tall? I report; you decide.

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Jay D. Homnick said...

Because Hunter made me promise to be civil to Maria Teresa Heinz-Kerry because Republicans are gentlemen, I never comment about her beyond noting that her initials are M.T. and she always wears a suit.

But of course you are right, she would certainly have recognized the subject of the picture had it been digitally enhanced.