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Monday, February 21, 2005

The Maggot Maher

Blogger Mike D'Virgilio has provided an excellent brief study of the odious TV personality Bill Maher on Mike's fine blog, MDV Outlook.

In my view, Maher is one of the most annoyingly ignorant blowhards currently operating on the American talk-show circuit, and that is saying a lot. To me, he is in fact too repulsive to contemplate, and thus I am glad that I can refer readers to Mike's article, which provides a solid summary of Maher's "thoughts" on the role of religion in American today. Mike shows exactly how intelligent and open-minded the talking maggot Maher really is. It is well worth reading.


Jay D. Homnick said...

The great Laura Ingraham has been on Maher's case with a vengeance; she tracks down all his anti-religious soundbites and subjects them to mordant sarcasm.

I am very glad that Mr. Karnick brought this up, because as it happens, I have some relevant information that I have been waiting to spring.

"My sin I recall today"- I was a 'religious' viewer of Politically Incorrect when it was a nightly show on ABC, because it was the only show that enabled me to keep up with actors that were not working too much and to see various radio talk-show hosts in the flesh.

And here is the godawful truth: this "Religion is a mental illness" bit that Maher has turned into his personal trademark is NOT HIS OWN. It was stated on his show by George Carlin.

Yes, indeed; Maher, the 'thinker' not cowed by religion, has PLAGIARIZED his big slogan. If you don't believe me, let's go to the videotape....

Anonymous said...

Funny how the one time Maher actually said something politically incorrect on Politically Incorrect, it got cancelled by ABC.