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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The DNC Dean Decision Explained

Mr. Homnick has taken it upon himself to help the readers of Jewish World Review understand Dr. Dean's new post and why the Democrats would engage in an apparently self-destructive maneuver. Here's a taste:

Here is what the Democrats accomplish by having Dean in that position. 1) His Presidential prospects are finis. 2) He is de-clawed as an infighter among the class of Presidential hopefuls. 3) His fundraising skills must now be diverted away from his aggrandizement and toward the party. 4) Even this mordant secularism that is said to be so abrading to churchgoers will have to be tempered to accord with his role as titular leader of all Democrat politicians.

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Evanston said...

They'd be smarter to treat him like the Republican party treated David Duke. This guy has no self-control, I wouldn't want him as a doctor, governor, or in any room with me smaller than a stadium. The Dems gotta throw Dean, Michael Moore, and the other AAAaargh! losers off the stage before Americans will entrust them with their future.