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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Blegging About Books . . .

Good people of ReformClub land, I am about to enter the post-coursework segment of my doctoral program in Religion, Politics, and Society at Baylor. At this point, we put together a list of 100 or so relevant books (Reformation, Church-State jurisprudence, sociology of religion, political liberalism, American religious history, the Puritans, etc) and study them for a year prior to taking comprehensive exams. I'm working on the list now and would love to benefit from recommendations of books from anyone who cares to Email me.

I have a particular interest in deists, by the way, if anyone knows something about them, all the better.

Mr. Karnick, I'm still waiting for yours!


Tom Van Dyke said...

Check out philosopher Leo Strauss. He uses Plato as a springboard for the West's dynamic tension between "Athens" (reason) and "Jerusalem" (faith).

He's also known as the spiritual godfather of the evil "Neo-cons," but that's a bunch of hooey.

Hunter Baker said...

Thanks tvd, I knew the latter, but not the former.

Jay D. Homnick said...

Just in case it doesn't go without saying, let me say: no such list would be complete without The Lonely Man Of faith by Joseph B. Soloveitzik.