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Friday, January 07, 2005

Martin Luther and Charles Bronson

After writing the last post, I thought maybe a few of you are wondering why a nice Christian fella like me would glory in the revenge films of Charles Bronson. My answer is that I agree with Martin Luther who said that Christians should be willing to offer themselves to the slaughter, BUT who also says there is a fallen world full of people who need peace and good order as much as they need air, food, and water. For that reason, Christians should be willing to take up the sword in their defense, acting even as public hangmen if need be. Yes, Bronson plays a vigilante, but he's taking up arms because the proper authorities wrongfully laid theirs down.

Mr. Karnick is the resident Lutheran, but I think he'd back me on this.


S. T. Karnick said...

I certainly would agree. Your characterization of Luther's position, though brief and without the nuances and foundations over which he labored, is correct.—STK

Evanston2 said...

Both Christ and Peter had dealings with Roman Centurions. Noticeably missing were any instructions for them to quit, back off, change their ways, or make any other modification professionally. When the Lord changes your heart you surely know that Spiritual warfare is important forever, nonetheless temporal "goods" such as love, peace, justice, food, shelter, clothing, even luxuries like gold and silver and jewels are all used by God to compare to the Kingdom of Heaven. He does this because they ARE good, while we know that rust and moths eat away at material things this does not mean that He says they are worthless, nor should thieves be allowed to prosper. Giving these is another matter. Biblical primacy is always to the Lord but His pronouncing these things as good authorizes the Christian defend them, subordinate to obeying His other precepts.