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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Kofi Anan---Defender of Jews

It's really quite amusing. Having presided for years over some of the most virulent Jew hatred ever seen at the UN---no small achievement---the ineffable Kofi Anan, emceeing the current UN memorial observations for this 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, now states that "The tragedy of the Jewish people was unique." The Hatikva was played for the General Assembly. Memories of the 2001 UN Conference Against Racism in Durban went down the memory hole, as well they should from Kofi's standpoint, as that "conference" degenerated quickly into a cauldron of Israel bashing, anti-Semitism, and the widely-agreed equation of Jews with Nazis.

So what gives? This is, after all, the Kofi Anan of the Tutsi slaughter fame, of the Srbenica massacre fame, of the oil-for-food fiasco, ad nauseam. Could it be that our beloved Kofi, reeling from one scandal to another, beset by calls for his resignation, etc., now has discovered that he needs friends? Like Hillary's announcement during her 2000 Senate race that chicken soup flows through her veins, Kofi knows that a friend in need is a friend indeed, and what better friends could there be than the Jews? Thus has our beloved Kofi demonstrated once again an eternal principle: Where Kofi stands depends on where Kofi sits. That the chattering classes defend the UN as a citadel of "moral authority" is appalling.


Greg McConnell said...

Well, I do have one gripe with Mr. Zycher's comments. He should post here more often! =)

Tlaloc said...

Intentionally confounding criticism of Israel with antisemitism is a popular but ethically bankrupt past time. Try to show a bit more integrity.

Hunter Baker said...

Just when Karnick, Baker, and Homnick are held up with other responsibilities, Zycher and Reynolds deliver a fantastic 1-2 punch. Outstanding work from the economics rhythm section!

Walker Percy had an interesting theory about why the Jews would constantly find themselves the subject of unpleasant attention from the powers of the world, particularly governments. They have an identity that cannot be subsumed into a larger whole. A very interesting thought, I think. Perhaps also the explanation for why we can find plenty of Jews in New York City today, but as Percy pointed out, "When's the last time anybody saw a Hittite in NYC?" They persist in their utter uniqueness.

Greg McConnell said...

Tlaloc, I'm not sure what your views are on the following topics, so I'll just speak in general terms.

It always puzzles me to listen to people who are all for the government to lend a helping hand on gun control, planning parenthood, and wielding Science as the lone key to understanding.

Far be it from me to connect the dots for them here though.

Jay D. Homnick said...

I concur with Hunter that Z. and R. have come trough with the o.-t. p. (as P.G. Wodehouse would say).

As for Kojo's pop, Kofi, noticing that the suffering of the Jews was unique, I would laud his sentiments whatever his motives - but I find the adjectival appendage of 'unique' to be a tad mealy-mouthed. 'Unique' is a word of the intellect rather than of the emotions; it is a professor's word, not a preacher's. My grandmother's two brothers and their children were monstrously, atrociously, viciously, cruelly killed; frankly, it hurts like Hell with or without the verdict of uniqueness.

I fear that Kofi is still saying of the Jews (and Israel): Let them eat cake cake cake.

Tlaloc said...

"It always puzzles me to listen to people who are all for the government to lend a helping hand on gun control, planning parenthood, and wielding Science as the lone key to understanding."

I don't much care about gun control. Planning parenthood is common sense to anyone with a shred of ecological understanding. And I never said science is the lone key to understanding. Far from it, a rich spiritual life is a wonderful thing. It just shouldn't try to dictate what can be taught in a science class.