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Monday, January 17, 2005

Just Back From Houston . . .

I want to take back at least some of the horrible things I've always had to say about Houston. I lived there for four years in an apartment near the Astrodome. In other words, NOT PRESTIGE REAL ESTATE. We had a veteran's hospital nearby and a seriously nasty, worn-down hotel with extremely non-glamourous prostitutes soliciting out front. I was in law school. The wife was doing an OB-GYN residency. Our annual income was about 1/3 the total our debt, which was growing. She was working 80-100 hours every week.

Having just visited H-town to see some old friends, I feel I have been unfair. Houston is a nicer city than I gave it credit for being. It's no Vancouver, mind you, but it's okay. This I believe.

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Jay D. Homnick said...

Houston, we have no problem.