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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Books that Are Worth Reading . . .

Found in my rumbles through used bookstore stacks, a perfect trifecta of highbrow conservative cultural criticism:

1. Roger Kimball's The Long March
2. Hilton Kramer's The Twilight of the Intellectuals
3. Norman Podhoretz's Ex-Friends

These three are fun reads, particularly if you like seeing liberal (or according to Mr. Karnick, illiberal) icons receive their comeuppance. Norman Mailer comes in for particularly brutal treatment, as I recall. Podhoretz's is the most interesting because his book gets into the substance of his personal relationships with many of the figures he analyzes.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys - you've got a great blog, and I'm trying to add it to my RSS feed on my.yahoo.com, but failing - you don't have RSS enabled on your site?

Hunter Baker said...

I think we have enabled RSS, but I'm not sure. We aren't exactly techies! I'll see what I can do.

Hunter Baker

Anonymous said...

Thanks for looking into it. I think you'll find your readership improving, esp over time, because of this feature. Basically RSS allows someone to aggregate post headers/summaries from different blogs into one convenient location (my.yahoo.com does a particularly good job). That allows people like me to keep abreast of changes on your site more frequently than otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I should apologise - turns out you have RSS enabled, accessible from the following URL:

I didn't know about Blogger's atom standard, but now I do. Also got a little mislead since I didn't see an XML/RSS/Atom link from your homepage. But its all good, and sorry for any confusion.