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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Another View of *National Treasure*

I liked National Treasure. I particularly enjoyed the film's use of the theme that Knowledge Is Power, which is unusual for action films and a highly welcome change. That was also a strong aspect of the recent TNT movie The Librarian. American action films tend to be about the use of force, rather than strategy, whereas in reality even the projection of force requires a wise use of strategy. Moreover, in a culture that often seems to laud willful ignorance, National Treasure honors knowledge and intellectual achievement. If only for that alone, I consider it well worth seeing.


Greg said...

The National Treasure controversy... lol.

For me, the scene where Cage uses the bulletproof-encased U.S. Constitution to protect himself from a spray of gunfire as he gets into the elevator is worth the price of admission alone =)

Although, Hunter makes some interesting points about the Freemasons that I had not considered... And while it would have been somewhat disappointing at the time, it sure is hilarious now to think of the look Benjamin Franklin Gates would have had on his face when he discovered the truth to be, "The treasure was liberty, son. The treasure was liberty."

Hunter Baker said...

Right on, Greg. I think it would have been the best cornball ending of any film EVER!