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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I love the smell of democracy in the morning . . .

Despite misty rain and a chill in the air, I was having a good morning. I went to my little voting precinct, pulled the lever for straight ticket GOP, and walked out having done my civic, moral, intellectual, and possibly religious duty. But then I get in the car and hear Baylor's former President Herbert Reynolds attacking the Club for Growth's Arlene Wohlgemuth in a radio ad. This bit is surprising since Reynolds is a lifelong conservative. Why the anomaly? Because Waco's congressman Chet Edwards is a devious freaking Democrat. Reading the tea leaves in the Texas right turn, Edwards went around to Texas Baptists like Reynolds and co-opted them by saying, "I'm in a position of responsibility and I wonder if you could teach me more about the separation of church and state." For a Texas Baptist, that statement is roughly as compelling as a 17 year old cheerleader approaching a high school freshman and asking for help on a bra-shopping trip. In other words, it worked and now several Baylorites are in Edwards' pocket. We'll have to rely on the Fort Worth suburbs to save good Arlene.

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