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Monday, November 15, 2004

Great Line from Walker Percy

Writing in The Thanatos Syndrome, the unmatchable (in my view) Percy delivered this pithy statement that perfectly sums up the problem with the cultural left:

"There's Hawkeye and Trapper John back in Korea. I never did like those guys. They fancied themselves super-decent and super-tolerant, but actually had no use for anyone who was not exactly like them. What they were was super-pleased with themselves. In truth, they were the real bigots, and phony at that."


S. T. Karnick said...

Great observation by Percy. Thanks for reminding us of it, Hunter. THE THANATOS SYNDROME is an excellent book, and still, alas, relevant. STK

Hunter Baker said...

Can't remember if I told you what a big fan of Percy I have been over the last few years. I've read virtually everything he ever wrote and still find new insights when I look back through his work.

kcwriter said...

Big Percy fan here, too. You might check out The 41st Sermon

kcwriter said...

I'm a big Percy fan, too. You might check out The 41st Sermon found at attwoodcollectedworks.com I actually sent the first part of that manuscript to Percy and he responded! That was rare then. He said it read fine and I could send him the rest. I did and waited and waited and then read his obit in the KC Star. Still don't know what happened to the ms. You might check out 2084 as well