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Saturday, November 13, 2004

GOP Voter Fraud? Uh, No.

Look here for a pretty thorough debunking of the "voting irregularities" disappointed Dems wish were legit. I've been taken aback by the persistent Democrat concern with voter fraud performed by Republicans. The GOP is the party of fair process, as opposed to fair outcomes, remember? If anybody were to rig the results to achieve some sort of "equity," I suspect it would be the Donkeys.

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Anonymous said...

The behavior of the Republican party back in 2000 gives a serious lie to your assertion. I'm speaking specifically of flying in all the Republican Congessional aides and interns from all over the country to yell and scream in the hallways and block election workers from getting into the offices, and generally making more difficult any effort to get a recount going in case it was deemed necessary by the courts.

Your blog header promises to be something which your content does not uphold. It is monotonously partisan, and (where not dismissively) condemningly so. This post is an obvious continuation of the pattern, yet only marginally more egregious than the rest.