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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Blue States Talking Secession!

On the logic that blue states pay more and get less from the feds than the red states, some "progressives" are shopping about talk of secession. My response to that is, "THROW ME INTO THE BRIAR PATCH BABY!" Secede. We'll pass a lot of great constitutional amendments while you're gone. The South, the West, and the Heartland will find a way to get by. In no time at all, the blue states will head on toward European economic performance while the rest of the world will discuss the emergence of the Sunbelt Tiger!

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Alan Reynolds said...

This idea began with New York Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who misquoted me in The New York Times in the late seventies. At the First National Bank of Chicago, where I edited "The First Chicago World Report," I did a statistical study called "Is Mississippi Richer Than New York?" I concluded that when you adjust for New York's higher cost of living (my estimates) and higher per capita taxes(Tax Foundation), New York's per capita income was not much higher than Mississippi's in real, after-tax buying power.

The New York Times ran a story, citing my piece but quoting Senator Moynihan. It was titled "New York Shortchanged on Federal Aid, New Study Shows." My study said no such thing; it just said New Yorkers were overtaxed. But it is true that high-cost areas with seemingly high nominal incomes are seriously victimized by "progressive" federal income tax brackets that make no distinction between a one-earner income of $200,000 in Little Rock or Austin and a two-earner income of $200,000 in San Jose or Manhattan.

Printing only the news that fits is nothing new at the New York Times.