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Thursday, October 21, 2004


Last night's Boston-Yankees game was certainly the most dramatic 10-3 baseball game I've seen in a while. The big story should be the Red Sox's amazing comeback, of course, but New Yorkers will undoubtedly see the series as the biggest collapse in history.

As usual, the division championship series have been far more interesting than anything we can have any hope that the World Series will be.

As a White Sox fan from early childhood, the Yankees have always been for me one of the greatest sports nemeses, as they have a long history of coming in ahead of the Second City's Second Team, perhaps the most consistently second-place team in sports history. (With the leagues split up into three divisions, these rivalries have unfortunately been significantly weakened.) Yet I cannot fault George Steinbrenner for spending whatever it takes to put a highly competitive team on the field every year. I should certainly do the same, in his position. Boston, of course, is not exactly a small-market, Poverty Row team itself.

The Cardinals have an impressive lineup, but it would be interesting to see a Boston-Houston World Series, given that the Red Sox haven't won a World Series in more than 80 years and the Astros have never been to one. Something good would have to come of it.

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