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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Syrian Troops Leave Lebanon

The road ahead for Lebanon is perilous, but the departure of Syrian troops out of the country is one essential element of the Lebanese having a chance at successful self-government. Lebanon was once a beautiful country, until its society was crushed by demographic changes and, even more damagingly, international gamesmanship by larger powers. Support from the United States and the rest of the West will be crucial to the new country's future. Americans can be excused for a sense of exhaustion after the Iraq War, but Lebanon definitely needs help in making the transition to self-government.


Bookworm said...

What's struck me about this final withdrawal is how blase the West is about it, as if it was sort of an inevitable outcome of, well, something. The fact is that Syria's withdrawal represents a huge American military and psychological victory in the area. I, for one, find it thrilling.

Tlaloc said...

How do you attribute it to America? Its a function of the assassination which hopefully we had nothing to do with.