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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Idiotic Ideas About Theocracy

Lefties everywhere are crying about the coming theocracy. Apparently, if you justify a political position via Jesus Christ as opposed to your gut feeling, or Nietszchean thought, or Maureen Dowd's cutesie regurgitations, or any other source of values, you have stepped over the line into theocracy. Excuse me, but is it your vote or isn't it? When I enter the voting booth, I have the right to decide on candidates and their policy positions any way I wish, don't I?

Theocracy is when the church and the government are one. We don't have that in America. The countries that did have it, like Sweden for example, now have enormous states with eunuch churches. What we have is separation of church and state where the church is vigorous and critical. When it was mostly left-wing churches doing it, they were celebrated as they "spoke truth to power" and provided a "prophetic voice." When the conservative churches do it, we get theocracy. Go figure.

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