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Friday, April 15, 2016

Understanding Pope Francis

[Though subtitled "God & Man in the 21st Century," the New Reform Club is not a theology blog. Theology is presented for informational purposes only, for the benefit of all and any ignorant and godless bastards here gathered.]

If you've been wondering what the hell Pope Francis is up to lately, or is ever up to lately [and most everybody does], don't read the newspapers, and fer crissakes don't trust CNN, OK?

Our blogbrother Steve Kellmeyer also has a personal blog, The Fifth Column, that sorts out Catholic matters for those who'd actually like to know what the Catholic Church is saying-- not what the press thinks the Catholic Church is saying, since they know little or nothing of Catholicism [and what little they know is probably wrong].

On Papa Francis's latest, Brother Kellmeyer's bullet points [read the whole thing!]:

Amoris Laetitia 
The new papal apostolic exhortation, Amoris Laetitia, is out.
A few words may be in order.
Here is a summary of what I found to be highlights (your may find others, when you look):

This is news to the folks at EWTN

Homosexual unions are again condemned

Islamic practice of FGM is specifically called out as reprehensible

One of the more beautiful passages in the exhortation

Article #75 has a great description of exactly how the grace of marriage works

Pope Francis notes opportunities

Another beautiful passage

Article #83 has a great exhortation against abortion

Bishops, take note:

Bishops, priests, DREs: stop trying to replace parents

Articles #91-94 are a great passage on what "patience" means. In fact, the whole discussion through #119 is a wealth of material for meditation.

Note the difference in attitude towards children

Another beautiful passage

Pope Francis paraphrases Pope Benedict

Important advice for newlyweds

Possibly the most beautiful passage in the document

This passage speaks for itself

Re-iterating constant teaching

Nothing new on homosexuality

Bishops, take note

On Correcting children (read through #274, but here is a highlight)


Good to remember for training spouses - they have to learn to trust each other

Great summary on sex education

Nancy Pelosi, please call your office:

The Church's declaration on a particular marriage's validity/nullity CAN be wrong:


A quote from the Summa (I-II, q. 94, art. 4.)

Justice through Mercy

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