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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Trump: Put Up or Shut Up

Trump supporters really have no basis to be concerned about the upcoming Republican convention. If their man is as good as he represents, he can walk in with 100 delegates, but still walk out with the nomination.

Of course, if he walks in with 1200 delegates and does not get the nomination, we know the reason: Trump is not the negotiator he pretends to be. He is a fraud.

So, let's not hear any cries of "theft!" from Trump supporters.
Trump has a chance to put up or shut up.
My bet is he does neither.


Tom Van Dyke said...

We seem to have lost the concept of consensus, on which this republic was built. First Obamacare's brute majoritarianism, narrowly passed in a last-minute session without a single Republican vote.

Now we're asked to submit to not even a majority but a 40% plurality.

Tim Kowal said...

"We" seem to have underestimated how many low-information voters were in our tent. While we lampooned Dems for curating a constituency based on free stuff, we neglected that ours was apparently primed and waiting for a Manhattan strongman.

Tom Van Dyke said...

Both--and all--political parties rely on low-information voters, let's face it.

I despise Donald Trump for his demagoguery and vacuousness, but his rabble-rousing and facile "cures" for all the ills of our time are only mirrors of the cheap populist tricks of Barack Obama, and now Hillary and Bernie.

Trump's supporters may be uninterested in the policy details, but they are not stoopid, or at least no stoopider than Hillary's and Bernie's. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It's as scientific fact, you could look it up.

Better our demagogue than theirs, is how it goes. Everybody believes everybody else is stoopid.

And they're right, you know.

Tim Kowal said...

Most people are smarter than average. Polls are very strong on this.