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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Religion, Government, and Obama

Has anyone else noticed that Obama seems to think that bitter people will abandon their descent into religious faith when they have a government that they can count on? Do I actually have that right? Well, OK then: In Obama's sophisticated view, religion is just the opiate of the masses!

I think that the McCain people ought to be sleeping just a bit easier these days.

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James F. Elliott said...

Oh come on, that's the stupidest interpretation of the Obama comment ever. Obama as a Marxist? I know you people poop your pants as soon as an intimation of Saul Alinsky rears its head, but please.

Obama's comment was about people, when lacking a faith in government's ability to protect and insure the common welfare, clinging to more basic forms of tribalism for that security. You can disagree, but it's flat-out dishonest to make straight for the backhand "Oh my god, a Marxist!" crap.