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Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Positive Side of Sports

While it has been a rather bleak summer for American sports fan, it is nice to see something positive happening on a soccer field that has good repercussions beyond the mere game. Iraq defeated Saudi Arabia in the Asian Cup leading to men running in the streets of Iraq.

The jubilation over the team known as the "Lions of the Two Rivers" gave Iraqis a rare respite from the daily violence. The victorious run sent men of all ages cheering and dancing in the streest in what politiicans said was a show of unity that proved Iraqi factions could come together.

Sure, it's a small victory, but small victories matter in sports and in culture. Sorry, Myra Fleener, it's not just a game . . .. Let's hope for more victories for the Iraqi national team.

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David S. Bloch said...

Agreed. There's a nice description of the celebration over at www.iraqthemodel.com.

That all having been said, I STILL don't get the mass appeal of soccer outside the U.S. I'd rather watch the Devil Rays take on the Royals at the Trop any day. And I say that as a guy who has seen games (including playoff games) in Italy, Brazil, throughout Central America, and in Japan during the 2002 World Cup. I just. Don't. Get it.