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Thursday, July 26, 2007


I noted where the producers of the upcoming tv show based on the Geico "cavemen" commercials were defending themselves against the suggestion that the characters in the series are sort of stand-ins for racial minorities.

I'm sort of surprised this hasn't shown up before. Commercials and now a tv series where the main characters are these rather swarthy, "less-evolved" guys who are the butts of jokes? Why hasn't Al Sharpton been out front and center? Doesn't Jesse know an opportunity when he sees it? I'm sure the tv studios would be happy to shovel some cash these guys' way to keep 'em quiet. It's very disappointing.

In any case, I'm sure it will be a big hit. Seinfeld. Friends. Cavemen. How could it possibly lose? Maybe next season they can make a tv show out of one of those crazy used-car salesmen I see on the tube. It'd be brilliant...

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Tom Van Dyke said...

I hope they keep what hooked me, that the cavemen are synonymous with modernity: the materialism, the angst.

The head caveman is played by a fellow named John Lehr. He's been note-perfect so far, and I hope it's not just clever split-second editing.
He looks like a genuine talent, not a flash in the pan.