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Monday, February 05, 2007

Hail to the Prince!

Right-wing radio was pretty embarrassing today, with a number of commentators questioning the selection of Prince as the Super Bowl halftime act. Most hadn't even heard of him, but rest assured anyone who's not old, dead or white probably has.

Black music, an umbrella of R&B (that's old school rhythm and blues for the pale set), hip-hop, and dance music, is by far the most popular genre in American pop, and Prince is a giant, both as a creative influence and a performer himself.

And although not quite in his prime at 47, he's not a museum piece either, and with some flashy guitar chops, can also rock with the best of 'em. Last year's fare, the British Rolling Stones, plays American music at least, but Irishmen U2, who played 2002, don't even have that going for them.

So hooray for the red, white and blue, and three cheers for Prince, who turned in perhaps the best halftime ever. I was genuinely entertained, and I'm neither a fan of the genre or Prince in particular. But I know great when I see it, and Prince was smokin', with not only his own dance/rock catalogue, but some nice touches of Creedence Clearwater and Jimi Hendrix, too.

On a sad note, the usually silver-throated Billy Joel rendered a heavily tarnished Star Spangled Banner. He'd have been a fine choice for halftime himself in the future, but based on yesterday, any Simon Crowell worth his salt would have to give him the boot.


Matt Huisman said...

Agreed. Prince, when he deigns to come down to our level, is a terrific musician and a flat out showman.

My guess is that he could do 99% of other people's stuff better than they could.

Jonathan said...

Agreed. Prince rocked. As a musician, I wish I were such a natural like he is.

Hunter Baker said...

I was a little surprised a guy with his catalog would do other people's stuff, but you're right that it was entertaining and definitely another step forward from the Timberlake-Jackson debacle.

mdvoutlook.com said...

I agree, as a rocker myself, not yet of the geriatric set, Prince definitely has some Hendrix type feel with the ax. It was one of the best halftime shows I've seen, if not the best.

Also, being no prude, I was a bit taken aback at the obvious phallic reference when the great big sheet was blowin' in the wind. This was Prince after all, so it didn't surprise me. I would put very good money on it that this was not an accident.

I don't know if the right-wing radio stuff Tom is referring to relates to this, but I was sure glad in the company I was watching it with somebody didn't say, "Hey, that looks like a great big skinny . . . .!"