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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Bold Prediction for 2007-2008: Obama Fever Unstoppable

Barack Obama is going to be the presidential nominee for the Democrats without breaking a sweat. He is going to win the presidency of the United States, too.

I had this feeling about Bill Clinton well before he became the frontrunner. Obama's going to make it look easy. The guy is an absolute master at sounding like the perfect moderate while simultaneously voting party line left-wing liberal. Thus, he shall be loved and lauded by the press and pushed by the party hungry to retake the White House.

Obama will also make a major impact on religious voters. Despite his voting record, Obama has mastered the valentine to persons of faith. He goes out of his way to show he does not share the secularistic contempt of the faithful even if he does share the secularists' voting record. He's going to get ALL the Jim Wallis-Tony Campolo types and a good chunk of the "emergent" Evangelicals as well.

This guy could have a gay lover scandal followed by falling into a pile of horse manure all before a 10 a.m. campaign stop and still be our next president.

The only thing that could stop him would be another 9-11 type disaster on American soil, which would make Rudy the next occupant of the White House.


Michael Simpson said...

He'll never get out of the Democratic primary, if Hillary runs. She's ruthless and smart and very, very determined. Of course, she may just not run, in which case I suspect it will be between Obama and Edwards...what a choice.

Evanston said...

More likely he'll be the Veep. Hillary = Prez.
Americans will do it just for entertainment value.

Hunter Baker said...

Michael, I'd LOVE to be wrong, but I think Hillary's best chance is gone and that Obama is the new male Oprah, and thus, our next president.

Evanston said...

That stinks Hunter, I had YOU pegged as the new male Oprah. That slime-bag Obama!!!

Hunter Baker said...

Given my loathing of the day-time talk show format which Oprah co-invented with Phil Donahue, I don't think I could fill the bill. But thanks for wishing me the zillions, Evanston.