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Saturday, November 04, 2006

"Broken Government"---CNN Slimes GOP (file under: Dog Bites Man)

CNN ran an admirably comprehensive hit job on the GOP this week. If CNN is where you get your news, no sane person could refuse to vote Democrat across the board this Tuesday.

The series was called Broken Government. Do follow the link. And then they ran a marathon of the whole deal Friday night, with more reruns to come this weekend. (Management didn't want to be left out either---it's a team effort.)

Didn't watch the whole thing meself because I went out, but it wasn't fit to leave on to keep Middie the Wonder Dog company. (She's an independent.) Even Jeff Greenfield, the closest thing to a centrist on the network, rounded up disaffected conservatives like Andrew Sullivan and, regrettably, Bill Buckley. Hisself.

Broken Government? With "Broken Government," "Where the Right Went Wrong," and "Do Nothing Congress" titles on the bottom right of your screen at all times---gee, tell us how you really feel, CNN. Oh yeah, and one called "Two Left Feet." Tell us how you think we should vote on Tuesday, CNN. Or why not just call the whole shebang Bush and the Republicans are Total Toejam and be done with it?

Now, admittedly, talkradio has been a nonstop Republican ad of late. But they don't pass themselves off as news. By contrast, their own website describes their own partisan propaganda as "CNN 'investigates.'" Investigates, my eye. Trolls, mebbe. Polemicizes, certainly. The only hope for the GOP on Tuesday lies in the fact is that fewer people watch CNN anymore.

The honest consumer of the news of the day must shudder to think what they have planned for Monday. Just stop calling yourselves a News Network, is all I ask---just dispense with the pretentions to actual journalism. At least when O'Reilly and Hannity come on Fox News Channel, I know I'm getting the op-ed page, and so does everybody else.

As for Mr. Buckley, I'm sure his criticism is accurate and that he was happy that in his dotage the establishment media asked his opinion once again after a long absence from the public eye, what with his retirement as National Review pontiff and the cancellation of his TV show Firing Line. (I do hope he didn't volunteer himself as a quisling in the defenestration of his own dear GOP.)

Because the question CNN neglected to ask Mr. Buckley, and neglected to ask at all during this cornucopia of political cant is, Can the Democrats Do Better?

As I'm becoming fond of saying, anyone who thinks things can't get any worse has no imagination.


Hunter Baker said...

While I agree with the thrust of your post, I have to break with the characterization of Buckley. He's not as active as he once was, but they guy has been writing novels with regularity and still keeps up his newspaper op-eds. He's in the game AND he still has game.

connie deady said...

The truth hurts of course. One has to separate out one's belief's from one's party eventually or one just ends up a shill for promotion of its special interests rather than one who looks beyond that to the common good.

I defy anyone to find a shred of interest in the common good in what passes for congress these days

Tom Van Dyke said...

Nice to hear from you, Connie. Your note indicates you voted for the Contract With America in 1994. Good for you.

HB, everyone's got a right to their opinion, but I was disappointed that Mr. Buckley was part of the lynch mob, intentionally or not.

Evanston said...

Why would you bother to watch CNN? What could you possibly learn? No sympathy.
And William F. Buckley? Sorry, but if you have looked at any of his articles over the last 5 years, he has offered absolutely no insights into anything. His day has past, and we best recommend that he write another book on sailing.