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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Boycott Game

The day of the boycott had almost passed unremarked, when at 11:30 p.m., I got through to my Editor, asking if anyone had written on the subject. He answered, "No, but don't feel you have to grind something out..." So of course I had to grind something out by 1 a.m. If you think I'm a tad less sharp than ordinarily, I'll attribute it to the mad deadline-chasing like a sportswriter after an extra-inning game.

If you must have a teaser segment, try this:

Not that this nation has been particularly eager to evict, or deport, these visitors without visas. Quite the contrary. Once they have managed to pass Go by hook or by crook, they are likely to collect their $200, take a ride on the Reading, dip liberally into the Community Chest, settle into Free Parking, and eventually take a walk on the Boardwalk. On the rare occasions that they end up in jail, they usually turn on the Water Works and wind up Just Visiting. So why boycott us?

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