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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Beckwith Tenure Update

The Dallas Morning News has run a shortened version of the First Things piece.

That's going to get some attention in Waco, guaranteed.

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Ed Darrell said...

In 2003, lacking any science to support their claims, ID advocates took to the newspapers to make grandiose claims that intelligent design should be slipped to unsuspecting students in Texas public schools.

Now, to back Francis Beckwith, they're doing the same thing. Might someone in Waco assume that, again, there is no substance there?

Let Beckwith's record speak for itself. The people who will decide on Beckwith's appeal have the real facts, and they are counting how many of the conservative Christians have already won tenure. It doesn't do Beckwith any good to make it appear his record might be lacking, and therefore needs a boost from the editorial page of the Dallas Morning News.