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Monday, December 05, 2005

May My Right Wing Lose Its Cunning

My response to the Randall Cunningham bribery case:

To succeed as a politician you must be a cunning ham.

Poor Randall. Not cunning enough. Too much of a ham.


Hunter Baker said...

Need a link, Jay. I haven't heard anything about it!

Tlaloc said...

really? It's not everyday a big name politician gets convicted of bribery.
Here's a link

It's a pretty big scandal since it isn't stopping with cunningham but threatens to move right up into the DoD.

Hunter Baker said...

I was thinking of the football player! I had heard this story. Flat out corruption is the ultimate political sin. Well, second to assassination of one's countrymen for political and/or financial gain.

The Liberal Anonymous said...

Hunter, that comment about assassination looks to me like you're trying to bait tlaloc!

Tom Van Dyke said...

Dunno, Jay. He was a hot dog fighter pilot and no one can dispute that he brought home the bacon.

He seemed quite a master of manipulating pork, too.