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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Go! Go! White Sox!

I can't let the day pass without commenting on something truly timeless:

The Chicago White Sox have won the 2005 World Series!

As a native Chicagoan and congenitally athletics-minded individual, I have been a White Sox fan since childhood. This is a dream come true. What makes it even sweeter is that this team has played the right way and won the championship in a really entertaining, inspiring, and edifying fashion. They have fought hard all season long for this achievement, without famed superstars or big egos, and they have stuck together as a true team.

They truly deserve our respect and congratulations, and I hereby offer them to all involved. Cheers!


Matt Huisman said...

Here, here!!!!!

Na-na-na-na, Na-na-na-na, Hey-hey-hey, Goodbye!!!!!

James Elliott said...

The Sox played a truly great smallball season. So did the Astros, but they really just hit a bad slump at the wrong time.

Matt Huisman said...

S.T. - Did you really have to post the TRIBUNE front page!!!!!

No one wants to see the Sox on the front of the Cubs rag.

Come on man, how long did you say you lived in Chicago?????

S. T. Karnick said...

OK, so I'm ecumenical. Don't forget: the alternative is to post the front page of the paper that employs the odious Jay Mariotti. A true Sophie's choice.

Tom Van Dyke said...

Congrats, Sam.

I feel bad for the Astros fans, but they've only been around since 1962. Another 40 years of pain should turn 'em into REAL baseball fans.

keef said...

As an Oriole fan who has seen his team win all three of their world championships, I'm happy for all White Sox fans, as I was happy for all Red Sox fans last year. It's nice to see different teams win, when your own team hasn't threatened to do so in a while. Congrats to the White Sox; maybe someday soon they'll be celebrating a championship at Wrigley.