"If all values are equal, then cannibalism is just a matter of taste."--Leo Strauss

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Walker Percy on Bourbon

Do savor this marvelous essay by the master of alienated existentialism. Don't be scared by the fancy words. Here's a sample to convince you:

I can hardly tell one Bourbon from another, unless the other is very bad. Some bad Bourbons are even more memorable than good ones. For example, I can recall being broke with some friends in Tennessee and deciding to have a party and being able to afford only two-fifths of a $1.75 Bourbon called Two Natural, whose label showed dice coming up 5 and 2. Its taste was memorable. The psychological effect was also notable. After knocking back two or three shots over a period of half an hour, the three male drinkers looked at each other and said in a single voice: 'Where are the women?' I have not been able to locate this remarkable Bourbon since.


Kathy Hutchins said...

And you can experience a lot more of Walker Percy dancing with gin, egg white, bourbon, and women in Love in the Ruins. And not so many fancy words, as I recall.

Hunter Baker said...

One of my favorites, but I've said so many times.

Burwell said...

I have devoured every Walker Percy book, with the exception of one that I cannot locate. I am truly thankful for his writings, they have been a blessing/encouragement to me in countless ways.

I am sure he was one of the writers Buechner was referring to when he made his comment about a "sacramental worldview."

Hunter Baker said...

I'm with you, Burwell. I've read it all with the exception of Message in a Bottle. I've read part of that.