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Monday, May 09, 2005

The Beverly Hill-Bill-y Story

Hey, if you have a few minutes of time on your hands, no way can you afford to miss the text of the lawsuit of Peter Paul against Bill and Hillary Clinton. Paul, a Beverly Hills producer type, was the single largest contributor to Hillary's Senate campaign, although he did not really want to be quite that big.

The story as laid out in the complaint is absolutely fascinating and will give you a window into how the Clintons operate.

My favorite part? The news that Bill Clinton allowed Chaka Khan to be photographed sitting on his desk in the Oval Office.

And to think that Washington journalists still sneer at R. Emmett Tyrrell for getting too carried away over that pair's shenanigans!

1 comment:

Tlaloc said...

A photo of a person sitting on a desk is supposed to be shocking?

Man I'd hate to be the one to fill you in on the Iran-Contra affair. Wait 'til you find out a president sold weapons to our enemies to finance paramilitary death squads and it wasn't Clinton!