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Friday, April 01, 2005

Let Me Count The Waste

What is lost in our world by striking a Terri Schiavo from the rolls of the living?

The loss is incalculable.

1) A person who is the object of love and compassion increases the presence of those elements in the world.

2) That person also offers an opportunity for many individuals, whether family members or caregivers, to express real acts of giving and kindness.

3) A person who suffers, in addition to purifying their own soul, brings forgiveness to humanity (according to both Judaism and Christianity). [Although in neither religion is this a reason to force a person to extend life; it is a spiritual consideration that is not factored into the practical medical decision.]

4) In Jewish theology, the world is measured every day and God's treatment of it is based on a mathematical/metaphysical calculus that is determined by the NUMBER of good people and the NUMBER of bad people at any given time. One good person can bring much blessing to the world merely by BEING.

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Tlaloc said...

Touching. It'd be more touching if the religious right actually cared about everyone instead of just the ones who get the media spotlight. You know those people who are actually born and not vegetables? How about stepping up to the plate the next time the GOP cuts welfare and increases medicare premiums? How about protesting the next time they increase defense budgets while slashing education, science, art, and basically everything that has, you know, value. How about not sitting around mute when they give yet another present to the multinationals at the expense of the people (tort reform anyone?)? I want you to think real hard about whether Jesus would have been down with capitalism and people like Regan who maintained illegal brush wars to "stop" communism. Does that really sound like the platform of Christ? Was Christ really a Corporate-loving Hawk?

If you actually stood up for life, not just the pet causes but for all of it you'd have some credibility. If you just actually stood by the principles you profess to give a damn about you wouldn't be such raging hypocrites.

Give it a shot.