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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Sinecure Undoes Insecure

Methinks that my esteemed colleague Mr. Zycher has scored a cranial strike upon the nail. And if I may expand and expound a tad...

A species of governmental insanity, hitherto undiagnosed, produces the following perverse result: all symbolic appointees are free from doing actual work. In other words, if you are a balding, paunchy middle-aged white Republican who has been chosen based on actual talent, you are expected to work yourself to a fine frazzle. However, if you are there as the token autistic Pacific Islander, all you need to do is be available for photo ops. Other than that, your main utilitarian function is to keep the swollen Washington press corps busy accompanying you on a government jet while you fly on whatever it is that they call "junkets". ("Ted, we are here with Secretary Eileen Tufarleft Sowatuvitt on a junket through the tourist-ravaged terrain of Bermuda, and we expect a press conference at any moment. Teams of deputy undersecretaries are putting the umbrellas into the daiquiris as we speak.")

Hence Mineta and Tenet whose main purpose was to show that "we Republicans are bipartisan enough to retain several key Clinton appointees" were shielded from any actual obligation, much less scrutiny.

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