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Friday, December 03, 2004

More Book Plugging . . .

Lately, I've been reading Alister McGrath's The Future of Christianity. McGrath is particularly worth reading because he succeeded academically and professionally as a scientist before jumping off the track and becoming a superb scholar of religion and history. This is one well-rounded mind we are dealing with. Virtually everything I've picked up with his name on it has been worth the time. This book is no exception. Discover McGrath and you discover a treasure trove. He's very prolific.

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Gloria Poole Pappas,(RN) said...

I want to comment on the remark, "before jumping off track and becoming a superb scholar of religion and history".I imagine it is the other way around, i.e. that he was a superb scholar of religion and history first, and then became a scientist. I cannot say for certain in this case, because I did not research; but I know that in my own life,that the study of faith preceded the study of nursing by a decade. I studied the Bible from the age of seven and then when I studied English literature in high school, I realized that literature itself is full of references to God and how He relates to individuals and societies. From there it was easy to comprehend that the study of Christianity, modeled after Jesus Christ is His-story, as opposed to secular history.The study of a faith and the history of it in juxtaposition to the world view, go hand in hand, and are essential study for anyone who wants to impact the society. The study of what God is doing with the human race and the planet, is His-story. The record of His-story is much more fascinating to me than mere history and I find that what I have read in the Bible,His-story, is often confirmed by the secular history accounts.
Now as to where I was going with this, I imagine the scientist first wanted to know God and probably did have a child's understanding of God before pursuing science. Blaise Pascal is one of the most famous Christian scientists. Some of the world's greatest thinkers are also Christian thinkers. gloria poole pappas