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Friday, December 10, 2004

The Book Exhibitionist

My wife doesn't want to talk about it at home, so I'll share my bibliophilia with you on a slow posting Friday. Here's the substance of my latest Amazon order:

Uneasy in Babylon: Southern Baptist Conservatives and American Culture (Religion and American Culture) [Paperback] By: Barry Hankins

Interior Desecrations : Hideous Homes from the Horrible '70s [Hardcover] By: JAMES LILEKS

The New Crusades, the New Holy Land: Conflict in the Southern Baptist Convention, 1969-1991 [Paperback] By: David T. Morgan

Fundamentalism and American Culture [Paperback] By: George Marsden

The Kingdom of God in America [Paperback] By: H. Richard Niebuhr

The Lileks book is a gift. The rest are for me.

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