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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Ted Rall and the Disease of Dumb

The far, far left's favorite op-ed writer Ted Rall has bravely confessed his cultural elitism. Rall, you see, knows that the folks in the blue states are much smarter, cooler, fashionable, etc. than the folks in the red states. Here's a paragraph:

"Maps showing Kerry's blue states appended to the "United States of Canada" separated from Bush's red "Jesusland" are circulating by email. Though there is a religious component to the election results, the biggest red-blue divide is intellectual. "How can 59,054,087 people be so DUMB?" asked the headline of the Daily Mirror in Great Britain, and the underlying assumption is undeniable. By any objective standard, you had to be spectacularly stupid to support Bush."

Rall continues the bloviating for several hundred words. What I've always wondered is how the left can maintain their intellectual superiority when they don't even understand economics and basic human incentives. Their public policy program has always struck me as a big bouquet of "wishing makes it so" and "it is because I say it is" proposals. By their standard, Fidel Castro is terribly, terribly bright. Ditto Mao. I'll take mine mediocre, thanks.

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Gloria Poole Pappas,(RN) said...

I read this blog entry with amusement. The last paragraph particularly grabbed me by its assessment of the issues.The radical left, I call them, and the NY newspapers tend to fall into that category, often use outright lies and they think if they repeat them often enough the population won't be able to tell they are untrue. That is the basic underlying premise of propaganda but the techniques vary greatly. An example is that Moore movie, Fahrenheit. The fact that he actually thought that movie would be taken seriously instead of as the cartoon it was, reveals a lot about his take on life. Another example, is the mantra the Planned Parenthood radical Nazis chant without limit,"woman's choice". Well, that make as much sense to those of us who believe in the Living Lord, as chanting "German's choice" would have in the Nazi Holocaust. In fact, come to think of it that word was used there also and for the same reason--to shift the debate from the killing of the Jews to the "rights" of the Germans to kill the Jews.
It seems to me that after having been vilified for my own religious beliefs often,I suddenly realized it is the general way the pagans aka liberals*, deal with any issue that concerns faith in the true God instead of faith in government as god, or themselves or their idols. They go on the offensive and they use another false slogan, "separation of church and state" to attempt to put credence to their idolatry and atheism. But those of us who have bothered to get a real education and not a psuedo one in some touchy-feely "women's studies" or "gay rights" know the true words of the First Amendment so we are not deceived by their posturing and deceptions. Thomas Jefferson once said, "the people of every country are the only guardians of their own rights, and are the only instruments which can be used for their destruction.It is an axiom in my mind that our liberty can never be safe but in the hands of the people themselves, that too of the people with a certain degree of instruction."
Now the liberals have tried to make the truth contort itself into their "because I say so" hogwash and the Kerry campaign tried it but it did not work. Those who believe in the basic concepts of this nation, that are well defined by the written words of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights,have firmly in our minds the republican form of government which the Constitution guarantees to us.Those principles are clear: innocent until proven guilty, only the guilty are punished when found guilty in a Jury via due process, and not tried by the media, freedom from government searches and seizures of assets or private papers and effects,freedom to worship God, freedom to write out and have published our own words and thoughts, freedom to associate with or not associate with whomever we choose, freedom to talk in public, freedom to participate in all events, freedom to march and protest, freedom to state publicly that we believe in God without ridicule,chastisement, humiliation, or punishment, freedom to go where we want without having to prove our identities, freedom to live openly, honestly, decently without fear of invasion or attack, freedom to teach our children OUR values and not someone else's, freedom to succeed even if our skin color, faith,or ethnicity, is not the politically correct version, freedom to be smart and rich without feeling shame, freedom to be poor if we choose, freedom to cross borders, freedom to come and go as we please, freedom from government interference in our lives, freedom from invasion in the sterile body cavity known as the human womb. Let me see,did I leave out any in my summary of the rights and privileges of this nation?
I care a lot about this nation but I believe that those of us who know the true form of government we are supposed to have, better be making the rules and refusing to compromise with those who want socialism or its leftist cousin,communism.The divide in America is real and it is not going away because the issues are profound.As profound as they were when the killing of the Jews was the "law" Only now it is the killing of the innocent babies that is the false law and we all have to grapple with it and resolve it so that the end comes to killing of innocent human lives! There is no compromise on this issue that is acceptable.IF the killing of innocent humans with premeditation and purpose,is a "right" as the wicked say, then it is always a right. But if as God says, it is a wrong,{Exodus 20:13,Thou shalt not kill.} then the US has to correct the abominable and false decision of the Roe v Wade infamous decision that has brought about the deaths of 46,000,000 citizens. The issue is as deep and as divisive as the slavery issue.If the present (newly elected) Congress does not rectify it immediately I believe there will be another Civil War to shut down the abortuaries and the Planned Parenthood terrorism on the innocents.
__*"The vile person shall be no more called liberal,nor the fool said to be bountiful." Isaiah 32:5