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Monday, November 01, 2004

Kerry Recruitment Vehicle

I was in Florida over the weekend for my sister's wedding. As you might imagine, political signage was much in evidence. When I stopped at a gas station in Pensacola to fill up the rental car (a Dodge Stratus, which I didn't like much), a minivan pulled up with Kerry signs and flags festooning the outside. It looked somewhat official. A young man stepped out to fill his tank. A booming bass tune punctuated by frequent emissions of f***, n*****, and m*****f***** exploded into the aural range of my wife and two year old child.

The situation struck me in two ways. First, I'm sick of being assaulted by other people's music at gas stations. What ever happened to basic courtesy? I don't have a problem with playing the music of choice within the stereophonic confines of your own vehicle, but I'd be ashamed to have my speakers dropping f-bombs on innocent bystanders. Second, the guy was fronting for John Kerry and his vision of the big welfare, litigator-friendly, United Nations permission-asking, economically uninformed, junk food tax levying state. THAT WAS REALLY OFFENSIVE!

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