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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Race Against Time

And so, Election Day. September 5, 2006; by a weird fate exactly 38 years on the Hebrew calendar since my mother passed on.

Two months after I took over the campaign of Jay R. Beskin, running an impossibly quixotic - no incumbent has been defeated since 1994 - race for Miami-Dade County Commissioner (District 4) against the incumbent, Sally Heyman (who raised 400 thou to our 100), the local reporters all believe that the race is "too close to call".

Hopefully, tomorrow night we can reflect back upon a victory and analyze some of the unique things we accomplished. For now, mon ami Hastings, it is the biting of the nails.

Here is one historic move I did. Hired a company (Vowcast) that makes webcasts of weddings to make one of a debate between the candidates. We made no cuts at all and you can see
the entire debate - plus me at the end for a minute and a half explaining our intent. (Forgive my ruffled and rumpled appearance; it came at the end of a long day out on the campaign trail.)

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