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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A National Scandal: Brad Pitt, Beloved Sweetheart Angelina Tragically Prevented from Marrying!

The great Mr. Matt Huisman has given his opinion on this subject below, but for those who cannot get enough of it, here's my take.

Actor Brad Pitt and actress Angelina Jolie, tragically kept apart by government editsI am regrettably rather late in mentioning the actor Brad Pitt's enlightening recent comment regarding why he has not yet married the acclaimed actress Angelina Jolie, a subject which he believes should have an important effect on the nation's political process.

USA Today reports the tragic, earth-shattering news:
Brad Pitt, ever the social activist, says he won't be marrying Angelina Jolie until the restrictions on who can marry whom are dropped. "Angie and I will consider tying the knot when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able," the 42-year-old actor reveals in Esquire magazine's October issue, on newsstands Sept. 19.
I think he's referring to domestic animals here, but I'm not entirely sure, as he has refrained from providing specifics. In any case, let's get together and change the laws to Brad's liking so that he and Angelina can move in together and have kids and whatnot, OK?

It's little enough to ask a country to do, after all, for such an important person.

From Karnick on Culture.


Matt Huisman said...

Oh animals for sure...but what about the underage, same-sex, multiple partner, cross-species marriages?

S. T. Karnick said...

Brad says they're a go!

Kathy Hutchins said...

Borrowing from a different Brad: "When everyone can marry, then no one can."

Of course, I'm a retro mackerelsnapper who thinks Brangelina would be comitting bigamy if they "married."

Akaky said...

Brangelina won't get married until everyone can...okay, here is the rat, and here is the rat's ass--which one do I not care about more? This is one of our time's more existential questions, I think.