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Monday, January 23, 2006

Law Suitable

Top Ten reasons why Judge Alito should not be confirmed:

10) His mob ties clash with the robe.
9) His CAP dues are overdue.
8) He believes that a wife must notify her husband of a sex-change operation.
7) He prefers eating roe caviar to watching Dwayne Wade play basketball: a real Republican.
6) He is named after the prophet Smauel, a clear breach of the separation between church and state. (Now if we could apply that to Ruth Bader-Ginsberg and David Souter...)
5) He's from Philadelphia. W.C. Fields would turn over in his grave (or his ghost would return wielding an assegai...).
4) Judge Al Ito? After the way he botched the Simpson trial?
3) He's a lawyer. Yecch.
2) His wife is a crybaby.
1) He takes Ted Kennedy seriously.

Oh, oh, there's a big guy named Vinnie knocking on the door. Be back in a sec, I think...


JC said...

Nice :)

Tlaloc said...

Alito represents merely one more power grab by the administration. Unlike Roberts though he is ALSO totally unfit to be a jurist due to his demostrated prejudiced rulings.

connie deady said...

If he really is a "strict constructionist" I can live with him, but I've found that "judicial activism" is defined differently by the right than I would define it. I've seen willingness to overturn state laws because they like the public policy (see California marijuana law) in favor of federal laws in areas which have traditionally been state concerns. I've also seen the 4th amendment tortured and habeas corpus eliminated because of their anti-crime predilictions.

BTW, Alito is not from Philadelphia. He's from South Jersey. South Jersey people are Phillies fans, but they do not reside in my state of Pennsylvania.

Greg said...

Jay, classic post.

One thing I have to point out because I'm not sure if it's a typo or not... and that is Dwyane Wade's name. I just had to point that out because people get it wrong all the time. Haha. =)