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Monday, December 05, 2005

Rock Around The Clark

The question of capital punishment for Saddam requires some pondering.

But this one is clear as day: I'm all for capital punishment for Ramsay Clark.


tbmbuzz said...

The only pondering needed for Saddam's execution is should it be slow, painful or both.

As for Ramsey Clark, his job as Saddam's defense counsel is easy; all he has to do is repeat Democrat Party talking points.

Tlaloc said...

I had this wierd feeling like I lived someplace where people were condemned before a trial. Must have been a passing thing.

Tlaloc said...

Waking up this morning I also had this vague feeling that I was living in a country that authorized torture and kept thousands of detainees in secret prisons without ever charging them or giving them access to legal council.

Ugh, ugly way to start the day.

connie deady said...

As for Ramsey Clark, his job as Saddam's defense counsel is easy; all he has to do is repeat Democrat Party talking points.

I must have missed all those Democrats who were saying that Saddam wasn't a bad guy.

I'm not honestly sure what Ramsey Clark's motivations are, but in America we do believe in a fair trial and a right to competent counsel when facing the death penalty.

I'd like to think that we would extend those "democratic" beliefs to an allegedly emerging democracy. Having someone like Ramsey Clark assist Saddam's defense team only, at least to me, enhances the credibility of the government in terms of being able to provide a fair trial.

Have we lost our American democratic ideals that we are supposedly fighting so hard for?

James Elliott said...

Ramsay Clark is a true American hero. He is an excellent attorney and a former attorney general. By lending his weight to Saddam's defense team, he legitimizes the trial by the fledgling government in Iraq. His presence diminishes (though does not eliminate) accusations of this being a show-trial or of Saddam not receiving due process.

Anyone who doesn't see that needs to stop being so reactionary and think for a second.

Buzz, your statement didn't even make any sense. I must have missed the Democratic talking points that said Saddam was innocent as a newborn Baby Jesus.

It's nice to see the principles of the American justice system being upheld by its most fanatic citizens.

This is the true gap between us: We feel that when you corrupt your own laws and ideals, you become less than you are. You apparently feel that hypocrisy should know no bounds so long as you feel it is justified in the end.

As the aggrieved, we should hold ourselves to higher standards, not debase ourselves with petty vengeance. I truly believe that you are flirting with evil, Mr. Homnick.