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Monday, August 01, 2005

Reform Club: Reviewing the Bidding

Reform Club has hit the summer vacation slump in posting, but don't worry, we'll be back stronger than ever in the days to come. For now, lets review what we're offering to the blogosphere:

1. The prose stylings of S.T. Karnick, one of the best all-around writers in the fields of political and cultural commentary. S.T. has written for every significant publication in those areas and has expanded his portfolio to the Christianity Today family of magazines in the last year. He is the former founding editor of American Outlook and current editor of several Heartland newspapers. Karnick is also the first books and culture editor for the forthcoming Crux magazine.

2. Two top economists in the persons of Benjamin Zycher and Alan Reynolds. Both bring a free-market libertarian flavor to their posts. Zycher's work can be found at Tech Central Station. Reynolds writes for the Wall St. Journal and Townhall.com. Reynolds and Zycher operate in the think tanks of the Cato Institute and Pacific Research Institute, respectively.

3. Master of wordplay Jay Homnick writes for Reform Club when he isn't busy with one of the most intensive freelance schedules in the business. His work regularly appears at American Spectator and Jewish World Review. He is also a working ghostwriter who never reveals his clients (hear that prospective clients?).

4. Hunter Baker is the junior member of the Reform Club and is an MPA/JD working on a Ph.D. in Religion and Politics at Baylor University. Baker is the former director of public policy at Georgia Family Council and maintains significant contacts throughout the community of cultural conservatives. His work has appeared at National Review Online, American Spectator, Christianity Today, and the Journal of Law and Religion.

5. New additions include Herb London, Kathy Hutchins, and Tom Van Dyke.

London is the head of the well-respected Hudson Institute, which was founded by Cold War intellectual Herman Kahn. He is also an astute cultural analyst and scholar (New York University). If that weren't enough, London once ran for Governor of New York as the most successful third party candidate in state history for the Conservative party.

Kathy Hutchins is an economist by training who combines acerbic wit with the riches of Catholic social thought. Prior to leaving full-time work to care for her family, Kathy worked for the Hudson Institute. Though we lured her away, she still blogs individually at Gathering Goat Eggs.

Tom Van Dyke is a former champion of both Joker's Wild (all-time champion) and Win Ben Stein's Money (where he did, in fact, win Ben's money). When he's not showing off his abilities with trivia, he's working on a new recording contract. Tom should be posting in the very near future.

In short, it's as interesting and varied a line-up as you'll find in any daily magazine of political analysis, economic reporting, and cultural commentary. We don't easily fit into a regular blog category. We're not a God blog, though we have strong theists of both Jewish and Christian stripes. We're not a pure politics blog. We're not an entertainment blog. We're not an economics blog. We're not a law blog. We're not an academia blog. We're not a war blog. You will, however, find elements of all of the above on a regular basis. Bookmark us and visit regularly.


E.B. Crow said...

I raise my pint in a toast to future success and wonderful repartee. May your viewership increase and your thinking remain clear!

Hunter Baker said...

Many thanks, E.B.

xScottAllen said...

Thank you all for edifying your readers.
Sincerely, Scott