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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Tearing up Your Che Guevara Shirt

I got a few laughs from this funny article about Che Guevara t-shirts and accessories and other symptoms of political fashion victims, and you might like it too. The author asks a couple of very good questions:

"Why the hell was this moron wearing clothes advertising someone they have never even heard of? Furthermore, how the hell can any self-respecting person not know who Che Guevara is?"

The author goes on to suggest some alternative fashion items that just might become very big sellers too. Very amusing. Read it here.


The Liberal Anonymous said...

That reminds me of this article:

I sold commie posters to a future Supreme Court justice

Anyway, very cute. The author seems to possess as much ire for capitalism as communism. Who wrote it?

S. T. Karnick said...

Funny story, LA. Thanks for the link.

The author of the Che Guevara shirt story is Aleks Karnick.

Hunter Baker said...

I saw a middle-aged Chinese man in a restaurant wearing a Che shirt and instantly felt highly annoyed. He had the professorial look to him. I thought he should have known better.

Hunter Baker said...


Hunter Baker said...

My last post relates to the substance of the young Karnick's brief essay. Forgot the mention that.

Tlaloc said...

While I think communism is as much of a failure ultimately as capitalism (and for precisely the same reason) I don't hold any animosity toward Che.

I am amazed though at how many people wear products with company logos. Why do you pay to be an advertisement?