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Monday, June 20, 2005

The Full Scoop on the Hillary Book

NRO's Kathryn Jean Lopez interviewed author Edward Klein on his book about Hillary Rodham Clinton. The interview is surprisingly tough, particularly where Lopez cross-examines the author about the Drudge-hyped claim that Bill raped Hillary.

What makes this book really interesting and not another throwaway anti-Bill and Hill volume is that Klein is a journalist with all the right credentials (Newsweek, New York Times Magazine, etc.). Might be a must read.


Tlaloc said...

a few problems:

1) his credentials- yes he was a media big wig, but he also left his last big post in disgrace after a number of false or at least highly questionable stories were printed on his watch.

2) his precedent- his previous attack books have been regarded as wildly inaccurate and terribly sourced by the people who actually would know.

3) his impartiality- he has none. He's openly admitted he doesn't like the Clintons and is trying to dig up dirt on them. The book is being published by the partisan company owned by Penguin.

All in all this looks exactly like another throw away clinton bashing book.

Tlaloc said...

The fact that this campaign is being compared to the Swift Boat group should say it all.

Another proxy slime attack by the party of "morals."

Tlaloc said...

Oh and here's a review by the Publishers Weekly after having read the book:

"Klein seems intent on rehashing the rehash in this too-boring-to-even-be-execrable title."